Sempione Restaurant Pizzeria

Good and traditional cooking and the tastiest pizza

A very good traditional cooking and the tastiest pizza made with the original recipe and baked rigorously with wood oven.
Ristorante Sempione, is our restaurant that offers a traditional cooking, typical of the Mediterranean and Lombardy areas, with high quality raw materials that are all chosen with care and that are magically transformed in delicious dishes thanks to the ability of our chef.
A focused researched of raw materials characterizes also our Pizzeria. Next to the traditional pizzas, you can find also other ones with unexpected combination of ingredients.
All pizza doughs are available with classical, whole-wheat and Kamut flour.

Mediaset Premium sport channel are also visible in our restaurant; a great idea to have dinner with friends while watching a good football match.
In summer time, you can choose to have dinner in our brand new “Piazza Sempione”, the outside area of the restaurant.